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Ich habe mir f眉r meine Bachelorarbeit einen post-update #git-hook eingerichtet, der nach einem Commit das erzeugte PDF in die ownCloud kopieren soll.
Wenn ich das Skript von Hand ausf眉hre, funktioniert alles. Leider tut es das nicht bei einem Commit (und Push).

Es beinhaltet nicht mehr als das:

exec cp -u src/bachelorarbeit.pdf ~/Documents/HAW/.

Unter src liegen dabei die LaTeX-Dateien und auch das erzeugte PDF.

Jemand ne Idee, was ich verkehrt mache? 馃

FEYNMAN learning strategy in THREE points:
1. Continually ask "Why?"
2. When you learn something, learn it to where you can explain it to a child.
3. Instead of arbitrarily memorizing things, look for the explanation that makes it obvious.

I tend to stay away from politics on Mastodon, but this is some really great background on the whole Russian hacking hysteria in the US:

But anyone who sees the Russian activity as an antidemocratic outrage should be condemning the United States just as loudly, and treating the Russia story as some kind of unprecedented act of covert control is laughable.

expired: back-end developer
tired: front-end developer
wired: happy-end developer

Whomever created the time piece that had an alarm which didn't use ringing bells should be have won the no-bell piece prize.

*blinks* Person on bird site mentioned a friend telling about taking a published D&D module and doing nothing more than flip the gender of the NPCs. Their players soon became convinced the land was in the midst of a massive conspiracy because how else could the utter lack of male citizens be explained.

ferns are ancient. back then they didn't have much memory (it was expensive) so they were generated procedurally. hence the way they look

I have actually done this

鈥淭he secret to getting off of calls you don't want to be on is to hang up in the middle of your own sentence. Only a maniac would hang up on themselves, so you must have gotten disconnected.鈥

"Demons'R'Us, how can we help you today?"
"I have a history test today, can an old demon possess me and pass it?"
"Certainly, that will cost a twentieth of a human soul."
"Can I pay with a hamster's soul?"
"Absolutely not! Sacrificing an innocent animal? Shame on you! Good bye!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

After struggling to get Zanata running, I just realized it doesn't even support Android's strings.xml 馃檲
Back to WebLate, I guess. Pity, it does look nicer and I'm all for nice looking and easy to use software.

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