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Whomever created the time piece that had an alarm which didn't use ringing bells should be have won the no-bell piece prize.

*blinks* Person on bird site mentioned a friend telling about taking a published D&D module and doing nothing more than flip the gender of the NPCs. Their players soon became convinced the land was in the midst of a massive conspiracy because how else could the utter lack of male citizens be explained.

ferns are ancient. back then they didn't have much memory (it was expensive) so they were generated procedurally. hence the way they look

I have actually done this

โ€œThe secret to getting off of calls you don't want to be on is to hang up in the middle of your own sentence. Only a maniac would hang up on themselves, so you must have gotten disconnected.โ€

"Demons'R'Us, how can we help you today?"
"I have a history test today, can an old demon possess me and pass it?"
"Certainly, that will cost a twentieth of a human soul."
"Can I pay with a hamster's soul?"
"Absolutely not! Sacrificing an innocent animal? Shame on you! Good bye!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

After struggling to get Zanata running, I just realized it doesn't even support Android's strings.xml ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Back to WebLate, I guess. Pity, it does look nicer and I'm all for nice looking and easy to use software.

One fun thing I discovered about Visual Chatbot: no matter what the photo is of, it will always report there are at least a couple giraffes.
It learned from answers that humans gave, and apparently nobody ever asked "how many giraffes are there?" when the answer was zero.

Hi USA, here is my college. (Ciencias - UNAM) It has a good worldwide ranking and it has a $0.25 MXN/year tuition and a $0.25 MXN/year admin fee to study there. ($0.025 USD/year total) I think foreigners pay a little more (like 50 USD/year) but the cost of living is also very low. Classes are only in Spanish though.

Just putting it out there as an option as student loans/debt get worse and Trump gets tired of too much winningโ„ข with the trade war vs the whole world.

"Oh, looks like I can do this easily with this platform call..."
"avalable on Api 28+"

I want to change my translation service, as I once again have issues after upgrading the Docker image. Zanata looks nice, but the fact that the latest image is broken and has been for a month with no one noticing doesn't exactly make me feel optimistic.

I don't get the fuss about GitHub belonging to Microsoft now. Apart from the fact that Microsoft has changed a lot in recent years, Git repositories are super easy to move to another server. So let's just relax knowing that if GitHub goes Sourceforge, we have replacements.

Once again, I'm considering dropping support for Android 4.4 KitKat. I just think there aren't enough happy users (remember, you need a powerful processor to send messages) and it's quite a hassle to keep it running on both platforms. Any thoughts? :abit:

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