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Ich habe die Instanz für mich persönlich aufgebaut - etwas übertrieben vielleicht, aber günstiger als Twitter zu kaufen 🤪

Die Idee war mal dass da meine Familie auch noch drauf kann, aber bisher hält sich das Interesse in Grenzen und die anderen Accounts sind für Projekte welche am sterben sind.

Andere Benutzer drauf zu lassen ist mir zu riskant bzw. zu aufwändig.

I got really lucky today 😎
nerdlegame 16 2/6


@nina I actually think evil and stupid go hand in hand; there is more stupid, but it's expertly guided by evil.

If you do HSTS, it might be a good idea to keep on top of certificate renewal... 🤷


Amazing Grace
Was a computer scientist
Without her
No ride to space

(In memoriam Admiral Grace Hopper)

Random insight of the night: every couple years, someone stands up and bemoans the fact that programming is still primarily done through the medium of text. And surely with all the power of modern graphical systems there must be a better way. But consider:

* the most powerful tool we have as humans for handling abstract concepts is language
* our brains have several hundred millenia of optimizations for processing language
* we have about 5 millenia of experimenting with ways to represent language outside our heads, using media (paper, parchment, clay, cave walls) that don't prejudice any particular form of representation at least in two dimensions
* the most wildly successful and enduring scheme we have stuck with over all that time is linear strings of symbols. Which is text.

So it is no great surprise that text is well adapted to our latest adventure in encoding and manipulating abstract concepts.

US Politics 

I'm sure not everyone want to give this guy their e-mail address, but maybe someone wants to fill out that totally unbiased poll?

This president totally kills satire, among other things.

@alexbuzzbee on the what? I meant to write use case, no idea how that happened...

@alexbuzzbee It depends on the real, but if I have to edit it by hand I prefer YAML. I don't like XML because despite (or because) of a nice XSD people usually have trouble consuming a web service if they don't use the same framework.

@ubuntu honestly, I would be disappointed if your latest release wasn't your most advanced release as well. Thanks for the great work though, I really love to use Ubuntu!

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Could we just dump the T in TDD entirely? Let's call it EDD (Example Driven Development [or Design]). That T causes no end of misunderstanding. We are not writing tests. We're writing code.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/allenholub/status/

Some shameless advertising for my new app: Do you have a lot of loyalty cards in your wallet? Are the apps to replace them too slow to be practical?
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@brandon I'm actually quite sure most of the people that proudly call themselves Christians would hate his liberal guts if they met him in person

@brandon well, Jesus was quite the anarchist himself, wasn't he? Going around messing with authority and questioning people's believes and traditions?

What you guys are referring to as Linux, is in fact, Android/Linux :android: :tux: 😜

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